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The Cutest Vintage Chest of Drawers

October 14, 2015

I’m just amazed at the things people look at as “trash”!!!

Sooooo I’m on Craigslist one Sunday morning and under the “Free” section I see that there is an Estate Sale up the street where the new owner has decided to give away EVERYTHING left in the house for free!  Yep…I said it…FREE!

Thinking “This must be a scam”, I reluctantly drag Chris out with the truck to see if there is anything worth grabbing.  We pull up to a very old, run down, deserted looking house and actually contemplated turning around.  Luckily Chris was there because he convinced me to wait in the truck while he took a quick look inside.  He wasn’t inside more than a few minutes when he came back out, turned off the ignition and told me I wouldn’t believe what was left inside as “trash”.  Needless to say, we ended up loading up the truck with some amazing treasures.

I decided to start on this vintage chest of drawers first.  The detailing on this piece was gorgeous!

I could see Annie Sloan “Old White” Chalk Paint in it’s future.  So I went to work!

The drawers definitely needed some love!

I decided to give them a fresh coat of Varathane Kona stain.  Not only did this help to hide the years of wear and tear, but it also freshened up the smell in these antique drawers.

I wanted to top the whole piece off with a light brown glaze finish to add to that vintage look I pictured.  I waxed the entire piece first with Annie Sloan Clear Wax so that it would lay a good foundation for the dark glaze. If you don’t wax your piece first, the dark glaze can come out looking very “muddy”.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.25.24 PM

I then mixed up my glaze which was a combination of half mineral spirits and half dark wax.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.35.53 PM

I applied my glaze with a cheap paint brush from the dollar store and used a clean rag to then wipe the glaze back off.  It left my piece with that extra vintage flare I was looking for.


What a perfect vintagie cute Chest of Drawers!

On to the next piece!


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Pretty In Pink

March 24, 2015

Got a call the other day from one of my dearest girlfriends who was looking for a cute little desk for her bedroom.  She asked me if I thought I could find her one to fix up and make it her own.  I of course said, “Absolutely!”  I immediately started out on my search for a petite desk with potential.

The next day, Chris and I happened to stop by IKEA for a few supplies, and on the way home we made our usual “peak ins” at the neighborhood Goodwill stores.  I always beeline straight to the furniture section.  That day, there just happened to be a little desk left behind that was chipped up, scratched up, stained and missing a knob.

It definitely needed to be saved!  I immediately took a picture of the desk and sent it directly over to my girlfriend for the OK.  5 minutes later, the desk was hers. 🙂 Now I just needed to get to work.

My girlfriend knew exactly what she wanted.  She was a pink girl at heart, so she decided to go with Annie Sloan’s French Linen for the desk and a custom pink top with matching striped drawers.  I knew her taste, so this was nothing new to me.  Her kitchen chairs were pink…her living room coffee table was pink…so of course she would have a pop of pink in her bedroom/office!  How fun! I couldn’t wait to get started.

I started the desk project off by cleaning up the desk.  Yes I am definitely all about having unique pieces with imperfections all throughout my house, but this desk still needed some work to get it ready for painting.  The top of the desk and a few of the drawers were showing their age by the crackling of the paint.  Before I started painting, I made sure to fill in the crackled top with wood filler and sanded it down for a smooth finish.  If I would have painted directly over that imperfection, the paint would never have went on smooth and would forever continue to show cracking wear in sporadic  areas

Next, it was time for the Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint…

photo 1-13

photo 2-16

To add a pop of her favorite color, we decided to add stripes to the drawers in two different shades of pink.

I started by mixing a little Annie Sloan Old White to a little Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk until I had the perfect shades of light pink and dark pink.

photo 4-6 copy

I then painted all of the drawers the lighter shade of pink.

photo 1-10 copy 2

added some blue painters tape….

photo 2-12 copy

I painted the non-taped section the dark pink.

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.



I think they turned out great. What a cute pop of color!

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.

To finish it off, we changed out the old hardware for some new “bling”.


and pulled it all together with a pink accented top!

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.

Her exact words were, “I LOVE IT!!! IT IS PERFECT!”


 Another satisfied customer! 🙂

“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”

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