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Vintage Stanley Chest of Drawers

March 1, 2017

Vintage Stanley Chest of Drawers


This vintage “Stanley Furniture” Chest of Drawers has been painted in Annie Sloan “Old Violet” chalk paint, lightly distressed and sealed for protection.
This piece is solid wood, it wears its original antique white hardware pulls and each of its five (5) drawers glide with ease.


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A Touch of Gold

February 26, 2016

We received a phone call from a young lady just moving into her new place in the Metro Atlanta area who needed help bringing an old dresser back to life.  She had recently purchased this piece off Craigslist, and when she reached out to us for help, we had no idea how bad of shape the dresser was actually in.

Feast your eyes on this French Provincial ugly duckling!!!




First things first, we had to clean this baby up! I started by wiping down the entire piece with a mixture of 1/2 denatured alcohol & 1/2 water solution.  I can’t even begin to describe to you how dirty this dresser was!

Now, if you follow any of my posts, you know that I am use to working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or General Finishes Milk Paint.  Both of which do not demand any major sanding or prep work before painting.  However, this dresser had so many nicks and scratches that Chris then had to do a good sanding over the entire piece.



Even the inside and outside of the drawers needed some serious love.





After a good sanding, the drawers and entire piece was ready for a new lease on life.


The customer decided on a rich Annie Sloan “Cream” Chalk Paint to freshen up this dresser.


We then added a pop of metallic gold on the hardware and legs for an added unique finish.

Gold Hardware Pulls

This was the first time I had experimented with metallic paints, so after talking with a few other “painter friends”, I was advised to get my metallic gold from either Target’s line called “Devine” or online through Modern Masters Metallic Paints. But….I was in a hurry and the nearest store was Hobby Lobby, so I ended up just buying a small 10 ounce jar of DecoArt Elegant Finish in Metallic Emperor Gold (on sale for $4.79).  That ended up not being the best decision for this project, I found DecoArt to apply very thin and a tad runny.  It definitely was hard to work with.  As you can see below, it showed every imperfection and I actually had to use numerous coats of paint to get that perfectly smooth finish I was looking for.  In the end, it turned out amazing…but I think if I would have listened to everyone’s advise, I wouldn’t have had the added frustration.

French Provincial Dresser in Annie Sloan Cream Chalk Paint with Gold legs and Gold Hardware Pulls

Once finished bringing this beauty back to life, it was definitely worth all the hard work!

She loved her “new” French Provincial dresser and I felt pretty accomplished! 🙂

French Provincial Dresser in Annie Sloan Cream Chalk Paint with Gold legs and Gold Hardware Pulls

French Provincial Dresser in Annie Sloan Cream Chalk Paint with Gold legs and Gold Hardware Pulls

French Provincial Dresser in Annie Sloan Cream Chalk Paint with Gold legs and Gold Hardware Pulls

On to our next project!

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The Cutest Vintage Chest of Drawers

October 14, 2015

I’m just amazed at the things people look at as “trash”!!!

Sooooo I’m on Craigslist one Sunday morning and under the “Free” section I see that there is an Estate Sale up the street where the new owner has decided to give away EVERYTHING left in the house for free!  Yep…I said it…FREE!

Thinking “This must be a scam”, I reluctantly drag Chris out with the truck to see if there is anything worth grabbing.  We pull up to a very old, run down, deserted looking house and actually contemplated turning around.  Luckily Chris was there because he convinced me to wait in the truck while he took a quick look inside.  He wasn’t inside more than a few minutes when he came back out, turned off the ignition and told me I wouldn’t believe what was left inside as “trash”.  Needless to say, we ended up loading up the truck with some amazing treasures.

I decided to start on this vintage chest of drawers first.  The detailing on this piece was gorgeous!

I could see Annie Sloan “Old White” Chalk Paint in it’s future.  So I went to work!

The drawers definitely needed some love!

I decided to give them a fresh coat of Varathane Kona stain.  Not only did this help to hide the years of wear and tear, but it also freshened up the smell in these antique drawers.

I wanted to top the whole piece off with a light brown glaze finish to add to that vintage look I pictured.  I waxed the entire piece first with Annie Sloan Clear Wax so that it would lay a good foundation for the dark glaze. If you don’t wax your piece first, the dark glaze can come out looking very “muddy”.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.25.24 PM

I then mixed up my glaze which was a combination of half mineral spirits and half dark wax.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.35.53 PM

I applied my glaze with a cheap paint brush from the dollar store and used a clean rag to then wipe the glaze back off.  It left my piece with that extra vintage flare I was looking for.


What a perfect vintagie cute Chest of Drawers!

On to the next piece!


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