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Our Biggest Order Yet!

May 14, 2015

A couple stopped by the other month looking for a conference table for their new design studio they were in the process of opening.  They loved the design of our signature reclaimed wood table, but as we were talking, they mentioned that they were also looking for large desks for each new office in their studio.  Of course Chris quickly said, “Oh well I could just build those too!”  The couple talked it over with him and shared their vision of what they wanted their studio’s vibe to be, and next thing you know we are not only being hired to build their conference table, but also three beautiful desks to add to the unique vision they had for their new business’ home.

Large, sturdy, reclaimed wood desks is what they were looking for.  They wanted each of them to be different, but resemble each other in design. Accents of distressed metal, beautiful stained wood, bright pops of color and the list went on!  They had us so excited to go to work!


photo 1-8 copy


Not only did we build three uniquely beautiful design studio ready desks, but we also made sure the office had our signature Reclaimed Karma conference table and the coolest matching bench!



This would be our biggest delivery yet….




Each piece fit perfectly and looked amazing in their space!








DESK TOP STAINED A “NATURAL” WOOD FINISH AND LEGS STAINED IN “KONA” WOOD FINISH.                                                                              ↓





Overall…I think we knocked the ball out of the park with this order.  Our customers were happy and have even placed another order.  We have officially completed our largest most successful custom order to date! 🙂

Creatively Yours…

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“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”


French Provincial Beauties

April 21, 2015

I have been getting SO MANY calls about this beautiful French Provincial set!  Simply because someone had simply decided this set was no longer beautiful to them, they landed in my hands and I am ecstatic they did!! I had no idea that the day Chris brought home this vintage Chest of Drawers and Dresser from Bankhead Rd in Atlanta that my phone would be blowing up with people wanting them for their home.

These pieces are made of solid cherry wood.  Their arrived with original hardware, and every single drawer is beautifully dovetailed and in great working condition.  To top it off, they are made by the historic Bassett Furniture Company!

I had a total vision for these pieces. First it was off to my favorite neighborhood boutique The Bird & The Bee to grab some Annie Sloan “Country Grey” and Annie Sloan “Graphite” Chalk Paint.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.59.47 AM

I started this project by removing all of the original hardware, and painting them a rich Graphite black/gray.

I then painted the tops of both the Chest of Drawers and Dresser in the same Graphite for an additional added pop of color…

2015-01-17 13.02.01


Moving on to the bodies of the pieces, I decided on a clean, neutral Country Gray.

2015-01-17 13.00.19

A few finishing touches of lightly distressing each piece and sealing them with two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax and a coat of dark wax for that added distressed touch, and they were looking like original works of art.

photo 1-9

Ohhh…and Surprise!!! There was a cute little night stand too!

I had such a great time bringing these pieces back to life!  I think they just look gorgeous and hope the awesome woman Chris delivered them to a few Sunday’s ago loves them as much as I do!


“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”

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Large Design Studio Style Desks

April 17, 2015

If you are looking for a uniquely beautiful, custom built Reclaimed Wood desk, you’ve found it! This desk can be built to your specific dimensions and finished in your preferred stain and/or chalk paint colors.  Add some rustic distressed metal around the edges and you’ll have a statement piece that will add a pop of flare to your home or office!

Desk top stained a “Natural” wood finish and legs stained in “Kona” wood finish.
( 31″ h/31″ w/66″ l)
photo 3-8 copy 2
Desk top stained an “English Chestnut” wood finish and legs painted in Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint. 
(31″ h/31″ w/66″ l)
photo 4-7 copy
 Desk top stained a “Kona” wood finish and legs painted in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.  
(31″ h/31″ w/66″ l)
photo 5-6 copy

“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”

Reclaimed Karma design 3

Pretty In Pink

March 24, 2015

Got a call the other day from one of my dearest girlfriends who was looking for a cute little desk for her bedroom.  She asked me if I thought I could find her one to fix up and make it her own.  I of course said, “Absolutely!”  I immediately started out on my search for a petite desk with potential.

The next day, Chris and I happened to stop by IKEA for a few supplies, and on the way home we made our usual “peak ins” at the neighborhood Goodwill stores.  I always beeline straight to the furniture section.  That day, there just happened to be a little desk left behind that was chipped up, scratched up, stained and missing a knob.

It definitely needed to be saved!  I immediately took a picture of the desk and sent it directly over to my girlfriend for the OK.  5 minutes later, the desk was hers. 🙂 Now I just needed to get to work.

My girlfriend knew exactly what she wanted.  She was a pink girl at heart, so she decided to go with Annie Sloan’s French Linen for the desk and a custom pink top with matching striped drawers.  I knew her taste, so this was nothing new to me.  Her kitchen chairs were pink…her living room coffee table was pink…so of course she would have a pop of pink in her bedroom/office!  How fun! I couldn’t wait to get started.

I started the desk project off by cleaning up the desk.  Yes I am definitely all about having unique pieces with imperfections all throughout my house, but this desk still needed some work to get it ready for painting.  The top of the desk and a few of the drawers were showing their age by the crackling of the paint.  Before I started painting, I made sure to fill in the crackled top with wood filler and sanded it down for a smooth finish.  If I would have painted directly over that imperfection, the paint would never have went on smooth and would forever continue to show cracking wear in sporadic  areas

Next, it was time for the Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint…

photo 1-13

photo 2-16

To add a pop of her favorite color, we decided to add stripes to the drawers in two different shades of pink.

I started by mixing a little Annie Sloan Old White to a little Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk until I had the perfect shades of light pink and dark pink.

photo 4-6 copy

I then painted all of the drawers the lighter shade of pink.

photo 1-10 copy 2

added some blue painters tape….

photo 2-12 copy

I painted the non-taped section the dark pink.

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.



I think they turned out great. What a cute pop of color!

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.

To finish it off, we changed out the old hardware for some new “bling”.


and pulled it all together with a pink accented top!

Annie Sloan French Linen Desk Emperors Silk & Old White Pink striped drawers & bling knobs.

Her exact words were, “I LOVE IT!!! IT IS PERFECT!”


 Another satisfied customer! 🙂

“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”

Reclaimed Karma design 3

This Dresser is a Statement Piece!

February 1, 2015

As we made our move into our new home, it was time to get ride of all the “bachelor” furniture my husband had collected.  First to go was the big green nasty couch that every one of his friends has slept on.  It had to go! Next was the old rugs, worn out kitchen items and of course the half suede half leather furniture every bachelor pad in Atlanta had…needed to go!

Once we started to look at our master bedroom, we realized there really wasn’t anything to get rid of, but instead to the contrary, we NEEDED furniture.  We really didn’t have any storage, so I set out to find the perfect dresser.  I wanted something original and unique and I definitely wanted it to be a statement piece.  I looked at every furniture store and garage sale in town, and one day I ran across it.  It was a diamond in the rough.  A guy was selling it on craigslist for $35.  I had to have it!

With our room being a beautiful grey, taupe and shades of blue I decided Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue was the bold way to go!

As I started to paint the top of the dresser, I instantly fell in love with the color!  The deep beautiful rich blue was transforming this piece right before my eyes.

After two coats of Aubusson blue and two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax….the $35 dresser I had bought just the day before had turned into a priceless piece right before my eyes!


I even decided to keep the original hardware.  I thought it really complimented it.

This was the perfect addition to our eclectically beautiful master bedroom! Now it’s on to the next project….

“For more information on any of our pieces or to have a piece custom reclaimed for you please send us a note”


Gorgeous J.K. Rishel Buffet/Credenza

February 1, 2015

I can’t believe I got this credenza/buffet for FREE! Granted, it didn’t look anything like it does now, but to find a J.K. Rishel piece that someone literally was ready to throw away was sooo awesome!  It may have even made my month!

I decided to paint this stunningly beautiful J.K. Rishel, solid wood buffet/credenza/sideboard in Annie Sloan chalk paint “Old White”.  I then lightly antiqued it and topped it off with two coats of Annie Sloan clear wax for a beautiful vintage/distressed finish and for extra protection.


This piece has very detailed drawers and edges and all seven drawers move and slide with ease. There is an abundance of storage with this piece, including shelving that would work perfect for any needs.


I so wish I had taken pictures of this baby before we brought it back to life.  This truly was one of my fave “reclaimed” projects!

“If you’d like more information on our pieces or on “reclaiming” one of your own, please send us a note”

Reclaimed Karma design 3

An Adorable Kitchen/Dining Room Table

January 19, 2015

The woman who sold this to me said it had been in her family 50+ year…I just knew I could bring it back to life!

2014-07-20 16.31.38

I immediately sought out my handy dandy assistant (my husband Chris) for help! 🙂 I asked him to help me sand down the top of the table (because I really wasn’t in love with the square design the tabletop had).  Chris grabbed our power sander and went to work!

2014-07-20 16.31.21

Next was the big decision..What color to stain the top??? Off we went to Home Depot to check out all the different stain colors.  After much debate we decided on rich deep chocolaty color “Kona”.  Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.51.12 PM

I have to admit, it was a great choice.  I could tell from the first few strokes that it was going to look perfect!

2014-07-20 20.39.19

Ok, so with the tabletop looking Amazing, it was time to move on to the legs.  I decided to paint the legs an old white. The contrast turned out just like I imagined.  Perfect!

2014-08-05 16.12.47
The table has a removable leaf so you can easily adjust this table from seating 4-6 to seating 6-8 people with ease!  It even has a cute little drawer at each end of the table for your extra utensils or napkins.

photo 3-3

I’ve received many compliments on this table and I think it would be a beautiful addition to the perfect kitchen or dining room!

photo 2-3

With Leaf:

L: 83 1/2″
W: 39 1/2″
H: 30″

Without Leaf:
L: 65 1/2″
W: 39 1/2″
H: 30″

$225 (Sold)

If you’d like more information on this piece please send me a note!


You’ll LOVE this Pallet Coffee Table!

December 1, 2014

Look what my husband picked up for us today!!! Pallets…Pallets and MORE Pallets!!!

2014-12-10 13.13.54

Although I was the one that initially started rehabbing furniture, I started to see that as Chris watched me day in and day out bring old pieces back to life, he started to ask more and more questions.  One day, I jumped on his iPad for something and noticed he had downloaded the Pinterest app (yes Pinterest!) and was looking at different pallet furniture online.  From there, he began to clear out more space for me in my office (the garage lol), he made me a logo…


…and the rest was history!

Sooooo….I’m super excited about this coffee table! Chris decided he was going to try his hand at pallet furniture and I think he did AMAZING!  Remember those pallets above??? Well, he made this table out of reclaimed pallet wood and I think it is simply beautiful!

photo 3 (18)

I decided to stain the table top a dark chocolate brown, but painted sides and legs in Annie Sloan “old white” chalk pain.  I think the difference in color from top to bottom added even more beauty to this table.  It will definitely be a discussion piece in someone’s living room.

photo 2 (19)

Each sides of this table has a unique metal rustic detail.  Yep…Chris added that! It turned out amazing!

photo 4 (11)

I have gotten so many compliments on this coffee table in my living room as it waits to make a forever home in yours.

H: 17
W: 40
D: 40



Creatively Yours….

“Custom…Reclaimed…Restored. We do it all! Send us a note.”


Antique Oval Table…I had to have it!

November 26, 2014
OMG!!! I’m obsessed with my next project!! I found the most BEAUTIFUL antique table and I just had to have it! The detail on this table is crazy!
2014-11-14 15.41.22
The table definitely was showing its wear! It had many rough spots, nicks and worn wood spots, so I decided to go ahead and use my handy dandy power sander…
2014-11-14 15.41.38
to take care of a few areas that were worn down and would have left a dip in the finished product.
2014-11-14 15.41.13
Let me just say this…normally when you use Annie Sloan chalk paint, which is my paint of choice, you really don’t need to sand anything.  This paint seems to paint over just about everything!  I decided to sand these specific spots because they were so deep, I wanted to make sure when I did paint, the table wouldn’t have “dips” on top.
So, after I worked on just those few little spots, I pulled out my Country Grey Annie Sloan chalk paint and started painting!  I decided that this piece was already so unique that I really wanted to distress all of the beautiful details around the table…
2014-11-23 23.32.46
I then sealed the paint with two coats of Annie Sloan Clear Wax and topped it off with a coat of Annie Sloan dark wax to give it just a little more of a unique look.  Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 10.54.35 PM
 I think it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! What do you think?
photo 1 (21)
It’s been distressed to perfection with a shabby chic, antique rustic flare and would look great as the statement piece in any room or store!
photo 3 (17)
Whether as a coffee table, sofa table or even a display piece or stand, this would work perfectly! It would also draw attention as a unique entryway or hallway table in just about any home. It’s definitely one of a kind!
L: 47″
H: 22 1/2″
W: 22 1/2″

$175 (Sold)

Creatively Yours….

“Custom…Reclaimed…Restored. We do it all! Send us a note.”

The Perfect Little Chalkboard Table

November 15, 2014
I just thought this was the cutest little table! I met a guy the other day who didn’t live too far from me, and he told me he loves collecting little pieces from different people’s storage units.  He showed me this little table and I instantly thought of my little 4 year old niece.  I could see her sitting around this little table and playing with all of her toys.  I had to have it! Of course it wasn’t pretty in the state it was in.  It definitely needed some work, but you know that’s what I loved the most!
2014-11-08 22.44.06
I decided to paint it Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue and top it off with a little chalk board paint on top.
2014-11-08 22.43.54
It’s turned out to be the perfect little chalk board table!
Whether you are looking for a coffee table for the living room or an art table for your kids room, this chalkboard table would be perfect. This piece is solid wood and sturdy. Again, it’s been painted in Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue and topped off with a great chalk board center. 
L: 39.5″
W: 19.5″
H: 18″
$65 (Sold)

Any questions about this piece? Please send me a note!