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Our Backyard Renovation

July 11, 2021
We loved working with the The Home Depot  on this project. This is a sponsored post. We also use affiliate links in our posts.


When we were asked to partner with The Home Depot on their Garden to Grill campaign there was absolutely no hesitation. We were all in!  With how crazy this past year has been, traveling coming to a complete halt and the entire family having cabin fever, this Spring was the perfect time to concentrate our DIY imaginations on taking our mess of a backyard and upgrading it into a Garden to Grill oasis! 

Our first step in bringing our backyard oasis to life was to actually plan out the plan.  My vision included a safer environment for our friends and family to visit during the pandemic.  I’ve also been super excited about having our own fire pit to roast a marshmallow or two. For years Chris has been talking about how cool it would be to grow our own fruits, veggies and herbs and have a designated grilling area to bring his hot summer dishes to life for our friends and family. Keeping all of this in mind, we eventually narrowed our projects down to a BBQ and outdoor dining space, a lounge area, and a fire pit.  

As you can see from how our backyard was looking….

We had a lot of work to do before we could even begin to think about incorporating The Home Depot’s amazing outdoor plants, grills and accessories or furniture ideas!

It was important to us that we planned our new backyard space out perfectly.  Making sure we had enough room to build a deck that would house our new Traeger Grill, Bonnie Herbs and Vegetables and our outdoor dining space. A pergola that could be used for shade over our new Home Depot lounge furniture, and that there was enough space left over to enjoy nights around our fire pit.

If you are interested in learning step by step how we transformed our backyard from the before picture above to looking like this below in just a few weekends:







Check out our Highlight Video documenting our entire backyard landscape renovation to catch every step along the way!

Next it was time to focus on the fun part…the SHOPPING!!! The Home Depot has always been one of Chris and my favorite stores!  We are probably at our local Home Depot at least once a day.  Even with that being said, I honestly don’t think Chris or I really understood how much The Home Depot had to offer in their Home and Garden space until taking on this project. Seriously!!! The Home Depot is a one stop shop!  

We started off by spending some time on The Home Depot website making a project “LIST” and picking out gorgeous pieces we loved that could be shipped directly to us or picked up curbside.  

Not only does The Home Depot offer great project ideas and attachments so you can entertain outdoors, but they also carry an array of top quality products that can help take your outdoor project to the next level!  From all of the different outdoor furniture lines they offer, to outdoor dining accessories for the perfect tablescapes, they even have the best grills and grilling tools and supplies.

Here is the Home Depot List we developed for this Garden to Grill space. Click the image for link:







We decided we’d start off by taking a trip to our local Home Depot store to check out what they had in stock.


Almost everything we purchased that was not in stock we were able to order conveniently online and have shipped directly to our home or scheduled for pick up curbside at our local Home Depot store.  This just added to our overall shopping experience making it super simple and convenient! 

I was also pleasantly surprised with the selection of Bonnie Plants at The Home Depot’s!  They had everything I needed to start my garden and was very organized!  It really made it super easy and fun for a novist like me to find the exact herbs and vegetables I was looking for to add to some of Chris’ grilling recipes.   

The Home Depot makes it super simple for even a novice like me to gather the best plants and gardening materials to grow your own fruits, veggies and herbs to help bring your garden to your grill to your plate! Here was my herb and veggie garden shopping list:



Chris has been eyeing the Traeger Grill for quite a while now.  So when it came time to pick out his new grill, he decided to go with the Traeger Timberline 1300 Wifi Pellet Grill and Smoker.

Chris had the best time picking out his new Traeger Grill!  Check out his Home Depot shopping trip below!

“This is the dance you do when you buy a grill like this!”~Chris Johnson


I have to admit I’m not the cook of the family (Chris is) nor am I an avid gardener.  However, I actually found the entire process of planting our own food very therapeutic and kind of fun. 

I’ll have to keep you updated on how everything is growing. I am fully dedicated to being a great plant mom!  If you have any tips for me definitely leave them in our comment section below!

Having our own vegetables and herbs right next to the grill has definitely been a huge plus!  Chris loves that he can simply lean over and pick directly from his new garden and place it right on the grill.  You can’t get much better than that!

With his crazy busy schedule, he loved the fact that it came equipped with smart WiFIRE technology that allows him to control the wifi pellet grill from anywhere as long as he has the Traeger App.

This has been one of our largest and most fun home DIY projects Chris and I have done together thus far. We are loving how it turned out and couldn’t have done it without The Home Depot! They had all of the top quality outdoor furniture pieces and accessories we needed to help us take our outdoor space to the next level.


Remember this before?

Check out these Afters!

We hope our Garden to Grill project has inspired you to tackle your outdoor space this Spring too!  Now all we have left to do is fire up our Grill, grab one of our favorite recipes and a cold drink and get ready for our friends and family to arrive!  



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