Reduce Reuse and Restore with Loctite

So what do you do when you’re finishing up a project and need that one special piece but there’s no money in the budget!?!

Reduce, Reuse and Restore with Loctite!!! 

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As we finished up the renovation of our clients new retail shop in one of the cutest areas of Marietta, Georgia, I knew we needed the perfect storage piece for her new moody and bold bathroom. With no money left in the budget, I convinced Chris to do a little dumpster diving in search for that perfect piece.


By salvaging this old beat up kitchen cabinet from our client’s dumpster, not only were we able to save on our strained budget, but we felt great knowing we were also reducing the waste going into our landfills.  



I then set out to reuse that same kitchen wall cabinet by restoring it as a new chic and cute bathroom storage piece.

First I made sure to clean the cabinet of the 30 years of grease and grime and build up it acquired in its previous life. 



Next I added a countertop by cutting some plywood and trim molding and attaching it to the top of the cabinet with Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear construction adhesive. By using Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear, I eliminated having to fill or sand any nail holes.




Loctite Power Grab is an interior/exterior construction adhesive that is super easy to use and works in all conditions, all weather and on most all materials.

I then painted the piece a bright crisp clean white to add a pop to our client’s otherwise dark and moody space.  



While I was at it, I grabbed some old legs and hardware pulls out of our garage and spruced them up with a touch of champagne gold spray paint. 



Since the piece was originally an upper wall cabinet, it was not originally meant to have legs attached to it.  I reached for the Loctite Power Grab Ultimate Crystal Clear construction adhesive once again and attached some simple blocking pieces I made from scrap wood to the bottom of the cabinet for the legs to screw into. Loctite has a zero second instant grab so I was immediately able to attach the legs. 



Last but not least…with Loctite’s help I added one more pop of fun to this piece with these adorable gold 3d butterflies.



I love that this Loctite product dries crystal clear so it actually looks like the butterflies are fluttering up the piece. 



All that was left to do was deliver this cutie to its new home. 



Shout out to Loctite for this product! It really helped us bring this salvaged piece to life! Loctite makes an array of products perfect for big construction jobs and specialty DIY projects like this cute little cabinet here!!!


On to our next project…


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