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Not Your Average Entertainment Center!

So Chris comes home one day with a truck full of “goodies”! There had to be three credenza/buffets, a dresser, a coffee table and a few mirrors all piled up in there. As I started to dig through the b

Our NEW…OLD Mirror

Originally, I thought about upcycling this mirror to then sell. But once I was finished, I knew the perfect place in our home that was calling it’s name. The Mantel!

This Dresser is a Statement Piece!

As we made our move into our new home, it was time to get ride of all the “bachelor” furniture my husband had collected. First to go was the big green nasty couch that every one of his friends has sle

Loving our Welcome Bench

I knew the hallway off our front door needed something, but couldn’t put my finger on what. Chris came home one day with a truck load of furniture and near the bottom I found an old worn down storage

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