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Pretty In Pink

Got a call the other day from one of my dearest girlfriends who was looking for a cute little desk for her bedroom. She asked me if I thought I could find her one to fix up and make it her own. I of c

Staining Aint Easy!

In some ways this is a continuation of an earlier post about our adorable Kitchen/Dining room table we sold to a cute new expecting mom. Well, that same mom contacted us about a week later and said sh

Not Your Average Entertainment Center!

So Chris comes home one day with a truck full of “goodies”! There had to be three credenza/buffets, a dresser, a coffee table and a few mirrors all piled up in there. As I started to dig through the b

Our NEW…OLD Mirror

Originally, I thought about upcycling this mirror to then sell. But once I was finished, I knew the perfect place in our home that was calling it’s name. The Mantel!

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