Loving our Welcome Bench

I knew the hallway off our front door needed something, but couldn’t put my finger on what.  Chris came home one day with a truck load of furniture and near the bottom I found an old worn down storage chest.  It was an ugly chipped army green, and at first sight it just looked like a random piece of junk.  Then I started to think…

What if we stripped the paint off the chest, stained it a dark beautiful stain, maybe construct a cushion and cover it in burlap.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous!!

I was right.  It turned out perfectly.  I decided to add an antiqued metal detail to the front to just give it a little more uniqueness.


Topped it off with beautiful throw pillows…and “Wha lah”!

2014-10-20 11.18.58

Entryway seating complete! Now on to a beautiful mirror to fill the wall above.

“For more information on any of our pieces or maybe for us to “reclaim” one of your own, please send us a note.”


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