Custom Home Office Built for a King

Chris and I had a great time working together building out this custom office for one of our favorite customer’s husband.  When I say this office has it all…I mean THIS OFFICE HAS IT ALL!!!  Planked Pergo floors, a rustic wood accent wall, 12 foot floating wood shelves, a custom built window seat, Navy blue cabinets for storage, and a gorgeous concrete countertop!

The first few days flew by with mostly custom construction.  From cutting and sanding the wood walls to building the window storage seat, our view was beautiful but the weather was not forgiving.  It was HOT!

Once the dark “Naval Blue” cabinets from Lowes were leveled and installed, the wood accent wall was put up piece by piece.

We added a variation of stain colors to the wall to give it depth and rub on poly for protection.

Believe you me, that window seat looked way easier then it was!  Lesson learned, always assumed your walls are not straight!  Sometimes it’s pretty obvious and you can actually see the bend in a wall, other times it’s very slight.  This time the walls were just slightly curved.  Chris prides himself on taking exact measurements and making precise custom pieces.  Sometimes that can bite us in the a##. 🙁   Because the walls were built at a slight angle at either side of the seat, Chris spent hours sanding it down to the perfect size for the seat to slip in snugly between the walls.  If I can give you any advice, always give yourself an extra couple inches of “wiggle room”.  You never know when you just might need it!

Next up, those 12 foot floating shelves!  All three shelves were built from the inside out.  First, Chris built a solid wood frame out of 2x4s so the shelves could hold the weight of a room full of books and wouldn’t bow in the middle.  He then covered the 2×4’s in plywood.

It was then time for me to step in and make those shelves pretty!  I was worried they would blend in too much with the wood accent wall we just installed, so I decided to go with a dark General Finishes Java Gel Stain which really made them pop!

It’s Concrete Time Baby!!! Our customer decided to add a touch of an industrial vibe to their space.  A Concrete Countertop was just the look they were going for.  Chris went with a feathered effect to reduce the possibility of any cracking.  This technique came with a lot of sanding! Chris built the concrete countertop in our workshop to limit the sanding dust in the customers home.  He also built it in two separate sections so that it would be easier to install.

 Once installed, we just needed to add the protective sealer, make sure their dark teal walls had no imperfections, install the cabinet hardware pulls and lay the Pergo floors.  I think it all came together nicely in the end.

Definitely a home office built for a king!

Now on to our next project!!!

Creatively Yours…

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